In accordance with Law 34/2002 of 11 July governing Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services, we hereby inform you that the owner of this web page is Empresa Nacional de Innovación, S.A, ENISA, with registered office in calle José Abascal, 4 planta 5 - 28003 Madrid.

ENISA is Registered in the Madrid Commercial Register on sheet M-62782 and holds Tax ID: A-28749885. We are contactable via the following email address: enisa@enisa.es, or telephone number: + 34 91 570 82 00

The web page www.betobiz.es (be to biz) is an ENISA service directed at the group's business clients and investor partners registered with the programme Spain Startup Co-Investment Fund. The service is a private platform designed to promote interaction and the creation of new business projects amongst its users.

Use of the platform implies express and full acceptance of the terms cited herein, without prejudice to the individual terms and conditions that may be applied to other ENISA services. Each time a user uses the platform, he/she shall be subject to the prevailing terms and conditions.

The use of this platform is reserved for all types of users:

ENISA Clients, in their capacity as "Company".

Companies with an ENISA loan that is paid or matures on a regular basis.

Companies with an active ENISA loan. Subscription to the service by new users whose request for financing has been approved shall be issued within a period of two weeks dating from the time the corresponding loan is entered into (upon payment and signing of the policy). Once ENISA has activated the subscription, the company will receive a user name and password with which to access the platform. Any companies who fail to pay loan instalments or have been declared bankrupt shall have their subscription to the platform cancelled. In the event of settlement, a company may request that ENISA reactivate its subscription.

ENISA Investment Partners in the Spain Startup Co-Investment Fund (SSCF), this is a programme designed by ENISA to attract specialist investors who are more active in other countries to back the substantial potential already existing in Spain. Once such individuals have been accepted as investor partners with the SSCF, they shall be subscribed to the platform as an "Investor" for the period of their SSCF membership.

Once ENISA has approved an investor as a Business Angel or Venture Capital, they shall receive subscription to the SSCF platform as a new user within a  period of two weeks. Once ENISA has activated the subscription, the investor partner will receive a user name and password with which to access the platform.

ENISA is also present on the platform as a user with administration authorisation. Its main task in this respect shall be to promote communication and interaction between users via both online and offline actions.

All users will have the right to request, at any time, that ENISA, cancel their platform subscription. To do this, requests must be sent to the following email address: betobiz@enisa.es.

In addition to the obligations inherent in the service terms, the user must also agree:

To use the user name and password provided upon subscription in a reasonable manner. The user name and password are confidential and personal. The use of said name and password is exclusively restricted to the user they have been assigned to. The user is responsible for any damages, of any nature, that may arise following the use of their user name or password by a third party due to the loss of the same or user negligence.

To adhere to the instructions for use of the platform. In order to ensure that the platform is used and functions as intended, ENISA may provide users with instructions, either by email or on respective web pages. The user commits to keep him/herself informed and to comply with the instructions in a reasonable manner.

To complete the user profile information visible to other users and update such information as necessary.

To use the platform and information published therein correctly and lawfully in accordance with the law, terms and conditions of use and public order. To abstain from using the platform and any information contained therein in any way that may damage the interests of ENISA, other users or third parties, or that may affect, in any way, the platform itself, the information published therein or the use of either of these by other users.

Not to copy, collect or provide to third parties, any user directories or information about other users, including email addresses or any other contact data.

Not to send by email, or any other medium, any material or information that may contain a software virus or any files or computer programs that may limit the functional capacity of the software, hardware, or any other equipment associated with the use of the platform.

The platform, which is a private environment and whose use is reserved to the users defined in point 3, is designed to provide a business relationship and communication framework to promote the interaction and generation of new business projects between users. The platform shall provide the means for parties to interact and is an environment where users are responsible for their own interaction and communication activities, as well as any exchange of information that may result from such activities.

ENISA is in no way responsible for ensuring that the data or documentation provided by users is truthful, authentic or current.

ENISA is not responsible for and offers no guarantees relating to platform user interaction and communication. Under no circumstances is ENISA responsible for any damages, either direct or indirect, relating to user conduct within the platform framework.

Each user is responsible for the content he/she chooses to publish or show on his/her profile. ENISA reserves the right to remove any prohibited content or actions from the platform (those that cause offence; that publish information that is incorrect or confusing or that promote illegal or misleading activities; or those that transfer junk mail, chain mails or mass, unrequested mail -spam-).

The platform may contain links to external web pages that are owned or operated by individuals or companies other than ENISA. ENISA is not responsible for the content, technical quality or any other aspect of such linked sites. Linked websites have their own conditions of use and privacy policies. ENISA is not responsible, under any circumstance, for the information contained on such web pages or for the consequences deriving from the use of the same.

The platform must be used on a personal basis only and its content must not be designed, either wholly or partially, for commercial purposes or for any use other than that for which it has been designed by any platform users or external individuals. The platform may not be used in connection with any other web site.

ENISA reserves the right to exercise appropriate legal measures if it considers that the platform has been used unlawfully or without authorisation.

These service terms were updated in September 2013.

ENISA reserves the right to modify this policy in the event there is any change to prevailing legislation or case law, or if such modification is necessary due to its own criteria.

If this policy is changed, the revised text shall be published in this same section.

If you have any questions or doubts with regards to these terms, please contact us at: betobiz@enisa.es.